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The first All-Russia "Neftegaz.Internet.2003 " conference.

In February, 12-14 the First All-Russia conference Neftegaz. Internet. 2003 was held on a mounting resort named "Zavjaliha", in a hotel called "Stone flower " situated in the picturesque Ural mountains. Among the participants there were representatives of the oil-and-gas branch and information technologies from the cities of Ufa, Tula, Perm, Kazan, Ekaterinburg, Moscow and from the Baltics.
The participants have considered a broad circle of questions on the use of internet-resources to solve problems of the oil-and-gas complex. On the first day, Ippolitova Irina Emeljanovna, director of the Ufa Internet-laboratory ORA, had a salutatory word on behalf of the organizers. She thanked all the participants for the rendered trust and declared the conference to be open.
Further Mrs. Ippolitovas speech was followed by that of Ilya Nikolaevich Nikulin - the general director of " TechArt Computer " open company. This company was the general information sponsor of the conference. After the salutatory word Mr. Nikulin smoothly passed over to his report on creation of internet-decisions for the oil-and-gas branch. His report included the basic stages characteristic for creation, promotion, development and support of internet-resources. As a pattern he introduced a project worked out by the company in this area: www.nge.ru, www.riccom.ru, www.polihim.ru. To share operational experience with other companies, I.N.Nikulin spoke about vivid examples of interaction of the company with its customers. He briefly demonstrated successes of the company as a whole and its separate departments, such as the department of marketing, design and programming. At the end of the report he answered questions concerning price policy of the company and internet-decisions in the field of creating electronic trading platforms.
The following lecturer to report was Kuznetsov A.J., a manager of an independent trading platform on mineral oil named NGE.Ru. His report was called Two years of Electronic Platform NGE.Ru (Platts.ru) in the Internet. The speaker told the audiences about the history of creation of the platform, its structure and working rules. Besides he gave an account of marketing programs the purpose of which is to raise trust in visitors to the data of the trading platform. At the end of the speech Mr. Kuznetsov riveted everyones attention on the plan for development of new directions for the NGE.Ru project. The participants asked the lecturer some questions about the system of gathering of the statistical data, about the formation of the average prices, and also about the opportunity for realization of trading operations on the platform.
After a short "coffee-break, the conference was continued by Mr M A Korabelnikov, the director of Prok-Variant PR-agency. He made a report called PR as means of preservation and expansion of the market. In his lecture he mentioned a place and role of PR in activity of the company and spoke about those tasks which are carried out with PR methods. The lecturer pointed out the influence of reputation on position and positioning of the organization in the market. During the report time Mr. Korabel'nikov was asked some questions about PR methods to which he gave exhaustive answers.
Further lectures were continued by Eugeny Ogibenin, a representative of " EDIAR holding. He presented for discussion the report named The analysis and approaches to the market situation on a home market of fuel in the Russian Federation, in which he touched the problem of statistical and analytical position on the internal and foreign sale market of mineral oil. He opened sources of receiving analytical information and approaches to processing the statistical data. The lecturer was asked questions concerning kinds of the used assess-models in realization of prognosis and current reviews. While answering the speaker gave priority to the use of analytical models to mathematical ones. This report finished the first part of lectures, and the participants were offered a lunch break.
After dinner the organizers of the conference made a surprise by organizing a trip onto Zav'jaliha mountain. All the participants of the conference were placed in a bus which took them to mountain-skiing complex named Zavjaliha. It is possible to characterize the trip with the help of three words: " It was great". The guests rose on the top of the mountain in an comfortable elevator with seats for six. The ski-instructor told them about the history of the complex, about the equipment, about the new lines. All have made plenty of photos on a background of the beautiful scene of the Urals. Full of impressions the participants returned to the " Stone flower " hotel.
After an organizational break a word was given to Sadretdinova N.M., a representative of the Ufa branch of the JuganskNiPineft' Open Company. She read two reports named Structure and methods of realization of the design documentation base on the development of petroleum deposits in a large petroleum company and " The Internet - Intranet technologies in perfecting NIPI work in a large petroleum company. Practical work experience. She quite simply told the audience about the organization of the design documentation base on the development of petroleum deposits. The report was well illustrated with dynamic presentation and vivid examples from the experience of introduction development. Then the speaker smoothly passed over to the second theme in which she mentioned the use of internet-intranet technologies in a large petroleum company. With the help of introduction of development in departments of the company it was shown, that new decisions had difficulties at the first stage and extraordinary acceleration of development at the subsequent stages. The whole speech had a lively direct character and very much pleased the audience. So it is not a coincidence that this report took the first prize.
The following speaker was Mr. Seljanin K.P. from a financial investing group named "Accord -invest" with the report themed Variants of the organization of exchange trade in urgent contracts on delivery of mineral oil Going on details he told the participants about the experience of realization of exchange tenders with participation of large petroleum companies. He considered the structure and mechanism of tendering. K.P.Selyanin pointed special attention to the description of two stages in realization of sessions: preparatory and final ones which were generated after skilled tendering. The lecturer replied to the questions concerning maintenance of bargains, safety and a guarantee. The report was professionally prepared and represented, and made good impression on the participants of the conference. It also was the report to finish the first day of the conference.
But the cultural program was not yet completed - visitors were waited on a night mountain-skiing line. All the interested were given a fascinating opportunity till 10pm to try on skiing equipment and enjoy the lamp-lit line for beginners which is 50 meters away from the " Stone flower " hotel. It was a very pleasant surprise.
The second day of the conference began with the report of Mrs. Ippolitova I.E. themed like Specificity and features of advertising campaigns on resources of the oil-and-gas branch Her speech contained consideration of the advertising campaigns held by the ORA internet-laboratory for its clients and the story about the use of opportunities of the NGE.ru trading platform for realization of PR actions. Basing on her own experience, the speaker spoke in details on the problem of resisting inappropriate ways in which some companies work in the internet.
Further there was a lecture by visitors from Estonia (Oil Trade Company. Tallinn) called Aspects and features of trade in mineral oil on a foreign market It was a unique case at the conference when the report was made by a "duet". O.Balashov was to begin with an interesting story about terminals of region of Baltic sea and their problems. He also mentioned questions of liquidity of the Russian mineral oil, mutual relation with partners and brokers, negotiations with them, making contracts. Then smoothly the matter was displaced aside toward financial operations, and the rostrum was handed to Mr. V.Stefanovich, which revealed the financial side of pricing and hedging to risk. The report was based on the real practical data and was very interesting. It is worth it to notice, he took the second prize among lecturers. The question of hedging and its direct realization caused great interest among the participants, as well as the question of bank guarantees on the part of the Russian banks.
When Mr. Stefanovich finished with answers, A Gapeyev, a representative of Webmedia Ltd company had a word with a report named Development and introduction of corporate information oil-trader system He told about the development of corporate information systems for the enterprises of various branches. The previous lecturers from Oil Trade Company were among those who used the project considered by Mr. Gapeyev. The speaker stopped to thoroughly speak about the development cycles, introductions and expansions of the system. He demonstrated the list of the companies which works according to this system. O.Balashov gave most full answers to questions of the listeners, paying special attention to the opportunity of connecting services of partners and other appendices to a corporate Web-site. The report was accompanied by interesting examples of corporate use and comments of the Oil Trade Company.
The last lecturer to have a word was L.J.Ladonina with the report called Methods and means of training the personnel to work in the new communication environment. New internet-professions". In her speech she took up the following questions:
Whether the Internet is necessary for large enterprises?
Who should develop a corporate site?
Who should operate a corporate site?
The report was constructed in the form of a story - dialogue between the lecturer andh the participants, and the audience appreciated such a method, having taken an active part in this dialogue. The lecturer showed good knowledge of the subject and one could feel a certain experience of participation in similar actions.
After the reports were over, Ippolitova Irina Yemelyanovna had a conclusive word on behalf of the organizers. She thanked all the participants of the conference and expressed hope to meet again next year. Then the participants were given certificates for taking part in the conference. The " TechArt Computer "Open company presented all the women - participants of the conference with well-known Tula gingerbreads for active work in the Internet.
In the end the organizers invited all the participants to enjoy a celebratory banquet. At the celebratory banquet the best reports were rewarded by diplomas. The First place diploma was given to Sadretdinova N.M., the Ufa branch of the " YuganskNIPIneft open company, Ufa; The Second place diploma was given to Balashov O.V., Stefanovich V.E., from Oil Trade Company,Tallinn; Gapeyev ., Webmedia Ltd, Tartu. The Third place diploma- to Nikulin I A. " TechArt Computer " open company, Tula. After rewarding ceremony the banquet smoothly turned into informal dialogue of the participants which was finished far after midnight.
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