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II All-Russia conference

"Neftegaz. the INTERNET. 2004"

February, 11-12, 2004.
Zavjaliha mountain resort, the Chelyabinsk area.
The enterprises of all industries today actively use the Internet not only for receiving all the necessary information, but also as a tool of successful business dealing. The oil-and-gas branch is not an exception. Last achievements of sciences, analytical materials, new production, the hottest news of the day in the oil-and-gas complex all that is more and more fully represented in the Internet. Earlier, it was experts of IT-technologies who provided the heads with the Global Net; today, these heads themselves produce basic ideas of what and how to do , and the latter gives better results.
Conferences are an exchange of experience and helpful information between manufacturers, scientific institutes, oil-traders, trading companies, news agencies, the Internet-technologies experts, we hope, it will be an incitement for birth of new ideas and further development of the branch.
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