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The complex is located in the Ural mountains, near the town of Tryohgorniy,  250 kilometers away from the city of Chelyabinsk and 300 kms away from the city of Ufa. The complex includes four dwelling buildings, restaurants, cafe and a cinema hall.

It is possible to get to the hotel:

By train: up to the destination point - Vyazovaya (the South-Ural railway).

By plane: Ufa, Chelyabinsk.
For participants there will be a transfer up to the hotel.

By car: see the circuit and route - http://www.zavjalikha.ru/about/autotrans.htm


There is a food-store and a place to hire sports equipment.

Useful information:
About the town: http://judo.tpi.ac.ru/Trekhgorny/index.htm
About mounting skiing resort : www.zavjalikha.ru
Weather forecast on-line: www.zavjalikha.ru/weather/
Prices Ski-Pass: www.zavjalikha.ru/prices/

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